Founder Yoganandham Rishikesh

Yogacharya Manish is a well renowned Yoga practitioner in Rishikesh and around the world. He has been sharing his knowledge and experience of yoga from last 14 years in all parts of the world. He has travel around the world sharing yogic knowledge.
Yogi Manish journey of yoga started from year 2003 when he did his first diploma in yoga and naturopathy from Parmarth naturecure and college of Rishikesh after that for deeper knowledge he did another 1 year diploma in yoga and holistic sciences from Garhwal University (Rishikesh) and later year 2009 he did his master yoga. Manish also finished his ERYT-200, ERYT-300 & ERYT-500 from Yoga Alliance.
Yogi Manish thought yoga different places from a Hospital, school to exclusive hotels he serpent 6 year teaching in different counties life Maldives, St. Vincent & Grenadines etc. Where he introduced yogic way of living to western world.
In year 2016 Yogi Manish returned back to his hometown Rishikesh, India and opened his own yoga school with the name Yoganandham to share his experience and led people to learn and experience yoga as a lifestyle.

Ayurvedacharya G.L. Arora
Dr. G.L. Arora

Dr G.L.Arora established Arora Clinic in 1982 with far vision to promote Ayurveda around the globe. He is a most Authentic and Traditional Ayurveda Doctor. He has a vast experience of 32 years of Ayurveda practice at his clinic. He has been treating his patient with Panch-karma from last 20 years. He has also an experience of Teaching at Parmarth Nature cure & Yoga Center for 10 years. He visits many European countries for giving lecture and conference on Ayurveda (Germany, Austria etc). He is also the President of all the doctors of the state with AYUSH Medical Association, Uttrakhand. He will teach us the principles and practical methods of Ayurveda .

Anatomy Teacher Praveen Sharma

Parveen Sharma is one of the most well-known Anatomy Teacher in Rishikesh. She is most loved among her students for her very calm nature and her teaching style. She has started her Yogic Journey around 10 years back by joining 5 years integrated course and then she completed her Masters in Yogic Science from Rishikesh. After completing her Studies in Yogic Science she has gained enough knowledge about yoga that she can share her knowledge to others and then she started Teaching at various Yoga Schools. She has been teaching since 4 years so she has a very vast experience in teaching different styles of yoga like Hatha Yoga, antigravity yoga, kid’s yoga, prenatal Yoga, hormone Yoga and theory classes, but she has a very precise interest in Yogic Anatomy and biology from her college days.

Meditation Teacher Yogi Prakash

Prakash is born and brought up in a spiritual family based in Uttar Pradesh, India. He has been introduced to spiritual path and yoga at very young age. With a deep quest for spirituality he started practicing Meditation, Asanas, Pranayama and Prayers from his childhood. This passion for spiritual life leads him to many Spiritual organizations, guides and Masters who guide him in the path. At the age of 16 he attended many meditation seminars of Bharamakumaris University at mount abu. Later he meet Guru Yogteerh ji (from Sabathu, Himachal Pradesh) under his guidance he learn Yoga and meditation. After complete his Master’s degree in 2004 he moved from his parental home and started traveling India. He initiated in osho neo-sanyaas and started living, meditating in many Osho ashrams some as Pune, Himachal, Gujrat and Jabalpur. Here he got the understanding of Meditation, Tantara, Sufi, Vipassana and Bhakti (devotion). He himself had gone through various therapeutic groups and intense meditation for years.

Ashtanga Yoga Teacher

Yogi Sohan Singh Panwar has a widely known personality as a Ashtanga Yoga Teacher. Yogi Sohan quite famous for his Ashtanga Yoga Classes, because of his teaching style. His teaches in way that all level of students can join his class at same time. He is born and bought up in Rishikesh known as world capital of Yoga which played a very important role in developing his interest in Yoga and spiritual Science of Yoga. He started his yogic journey in year 2005 when he decided to pursue his Diploma in Yogic science after completing his Bachelor’s degree. After completing his studies he practiced Yoga and sharpens his knowledge by learning and sharing his knowledge at different places in Rishikesh. When he mastered his Yoga Practice then he decided to share his knowledge and experience yoga around the world. He started to working as a yoga instructor in Maldives for 2 years. Then he moved to Mexico and worked there for 5 years as a Yoga instructor.

Yoga Philosophy Teacher Ramesh Kumar

Yogi Ramesh Kumar is a well renowned teacher in Rishikesh. He is working as a Yoga Philosophy Teacher at Yoganandham Rishikesh. Yogi Ramesh started his journey from his school life, when he is in 4th standard he used to practice yoga asana’a. After completing his schooling he decided to pursue his graduation and Masters in Yoga from Dev Sanskrit University, Haridwar. During his College days he has a very deep interest in Yogic philosophy and Holistic Indian Scriptures. After gaining enough knowledge he decided to share his knowledge and experiences with other people. His Started Teaching in year 2016, he teaches various type of classes like Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Meditation and Yoga Philosophy. His Yogic Philosophy sessions are famous among the students because of his knowledge and experiences.

Sharkarma instructor Mohit Kumar

Yogi Mohit Kumar is famous for his behavior and his kind nature. Yogi Mohit Kumar decided to start his yoga journey on 21 June 2016, and then he decided to join his yog diploma in yogic science from Rishikesh Govt.PG College. His elder brother played an important role in growing his interest in Yoga. After finding his interest he decided to come to Rishikesh, for finding a right place for getting knowledge about Yoga. His search ended when he joined Yoganandham, at yoganandham he learnt all aspects of Yoga like Asanas, meditation, Pranayama, Shatkarma etc. He also works as Shatkarma instructor at Yoganandham, and also gives classes to beginner level students and old age practitioners. He is loved among guests for his kind hearted nature.

Accountant Vaibhav Arora

Vaibhav Arora is working as a Manager at Yognanandham Yoga School. He is loved among the guests for her friendly and helping nature. Vaibhav is born and bought up in Rishikesh, after completed his schooling he has completed his Degree in Engineering in Information Technology. After completing his studies, he decided to work as a manager because of his interest in interacting with peoples and gaining knowledge about Managing business. He manages all the practices which are going on in Ashram like Accommodation, Yoga Classes, cafeteria and other managing stuff. His way of talking to guests, always welcoming guests with a heartwarming smile and his helping nature makes a best fit for this designation. He says “COME AS A GUEST AND LEAVE AS A FRIEND. WE’RE IN A BUISNESS OF MAKING MEMORIES.