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Stay in Ashram


Anand Dham Ashram


Yoga is a physical, mental, and spiritual practice or discipline which originated in ancient India. There is a broa Anand dham ashram was founded by swami Atam Prakash Ji in Yeasr 1968 after the request made by his followers as he was the deciple of swami baljeet anand Paramhans ji maharaj and swami atam prakesh ji dedicated to his so he named this ashram on his name and it is called ANAND DHAM Ashram.

Spiritual Gurus of Anand Dham Ashram


Swami Atam Prakash Ji

Swami Atam prakash ji was born in Bijnor , meerat and from his young age he was attracted towards the welfare of society and was humble towards everyone . as swami ji started his spiritual jurney and became the deciple of baljeet anand ji he learnt about different religious books like vedas,upnishad and indian philosphys. Swami atam prakash ji was so desparate to help for humans that he also made a hospital in meerat india and later on the hospital was handed over to the government of india to searve society.

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Swami Ram Ji Maharaj

Swami Ram Ji Maharaj is the main spiritual Guru of Aanand Dham Ashram in present days. Swami Ram Ji Maharaj was born in 1948, in small village of Bihar state called Munger. He was inclined towards spirituality from his younger age. Swami Ram Ji Maharaj travelled to Rishikesh for seeking a spiritual guru who can lead them to spiritual Journey of his life. Then Swami Aatmprakash ji undertake Swami RamJi in his asylum to lead him in spiritual path. Swami Ram Ji spent more than 30 years in helping for different works in ashram like cleaning and helping with Cows.


Swami Ashokanand Ji

Swami Ashokanand Ji maharaj is a spiritual Guru of Aanand Dham Ashram. Swami Ashokanand Ji Maharaj has come to Rishikesh(which means "the abode of the sages") in search of guru who can lead him to the blissful path of spirituality. , Shri Gurudev ji Maharaj led his path to spirituality with his infinity grace. Swami Ashkokanand become a sanyasi(ascetic) in his boyhood under the asylum of Swami Gurudev ji Maharaj. He has a very nice blissful energy which you can feel by listening to his lectures and feeling his positive vibrations.

About Yoganandham Ashram Rishikesh India

In Ancient time ashram was referred to a place where saints use to live and do meditation and Yogic process to achieve self enlightment these places were called Yoga Ashram. In old time people used to send their children’s to learn Vedas, Meditation and other knowledge for a better life for their future. Slowly Ashram became a place where saints, Spiritual seekers, devotees used to stay for their spiritual journey. Ashrams is spiritual place in which a special energy is been invested. The main goal of an Ashram is to live a disciplined life style and to maintain balance in empirical, psychic (mental), and spiritual life. Ashram is a place one can experience a positive energy which brings pleasure, satisfaction and happiness in one’s life.
Anand Dham Ashram was established by Saint Swami Aatmprakash Ji in year 1968 where he used to study spiritual and religious knowledge. He used to provide guidance to his students and followers for a better lifestyle. Till now his students are following his path. Anand Dham Ashram runs many different Activities some of these activities are Kirtan, Satsang, Gau-Puja, Bhandara, Medical Centre, Spiritual Teaching etc. the motive of doing these activities are to develop physical and mental hygiene and to increase positivity in followers. In modern world where humans are forgetting fundamental principles of life, Ashram teaches a disciplined lifestyle which provides balance between spiritual and Social Life.

Ashram Activity


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Bhandara at Yoganandham

Daily Schedule of Stay in Ashram


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